Orchard Fresh Pies

Speaker Lone Oak Orchards “Orchard Fresh Pies” Can be custom made for your catered event. We provide individual sized pies to sheet cake sized pies. All freshly made.

“Orchard Fresh Pies” of the month include:
January: Banana Cream Pie
February: French Silk Chocolate Pie
March: Butterscotch Cream Pie
April: Lemon Meringue Pie
May: Key Lime Pie
June: Rhubarb Pie
July: Traverse City Cherry Pie
August: 3 Berry Pie
September: Speaker Orchard Peach Pie
October: Speaker Orchard Apple Pie
November: Pumkin Pie
December: Pecan Pie

Thank you for your patronage! Ken and Darlene Dambacher